Herbal Extracts

Herbal Extracts

Capturing the essence of nature, we have presented a wide range of Natural Herbal Extracts. We have carved a niche as the most prominent Herbal Extracts Manufacturer and Exporter based in India. Our Organic Herbal Extracts are pure and natural, thus free from any kind of adulteration. Organic Herbal Extracts provided by us are passed through stringent tests like Chromatographic finger printing technique viz TLC, HPLC, UV and Macroscopic analysis by our talented Botanists and Physiochemical analysis by qualified Chemist. All these assiduous efforts lead to provide qualitative as well as effective Organic Herbal Extracts.

Herbal extract are the most sophisticated solution in the present scenario. Today Ayurveda is touching global heights. International norms for quality restricted to use only quality herbal products in formulation.

Nej Biotech designed a range of standardized herbal products for your wide product application.

1. Herbs, Plant and their parts and extracts pass through rigorous test, such as
  • Chromatographic finger printing technique viz TLC, HPLC, UV.
  • Macroscopic analysis by Botanists.
  • Physiochemical analysis by Chemist.

This process enables us to procure superiorquality of extraction material.

2. Our pre-extraction process removes all unwanted and adulterant matter from the raw material, ensuring purity of the product.

3. Successive Solvent Extraction Technique makes our product more Bioactive.
  • Our Extraction process is based on tradition knowledge of Ayurveda combined with latest scientific studies on Indian Medicinal Plants.

4. Our products are formulation – friendly.
  • Wide solubility base: whatever it may be Oil, Alcohol, Water or Tincture.
  • Wide range of form – Dry Powder, Soft Extract, Granules.
  • Wide range of potency and stability – pH, Temp, Stipulated Shelf Life.

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